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What to Expect at Your Appointment

Clinic Appointment

Our office is a generalist ob-gyn practice, which means we provide all types of women’s healthcare, including prenatal care and gynecology services. None of the other patients in the waiting room will know what kind of appointment you have.  Our physicians are faculty with the University of Hawaii School of Medicine and sometimes residents and student physicians-in-training work with our doctors.  Your physician will inform you if there will be a trainee working with them and you can ask questions about their participation in your care.

When you arrive at our office, you will check in with the front desk. They will ask for your current (non-expired) photo ID and your insurance card.  If you do not have or are not using your insurance, the staff will review with you the expected charges for your visit. We will collect payment via cash or credit card on the same day as your appointment.  See here for a checklist of things to bring to your appointment.

You will complete a medical history, registration form, and a service agreement.  Those forms can be found on the website here if you would like to print and complete them ahead of time.

When your registration is complete, our medical staff will take your vital signs, ask you a few questions about your health and the pregnancy, including the date of the first day of your last period, and bring you into the exam room.  The medical staff will instruct you to undress from the waist down for your examination, and give you a drape to cover yourself.

Your physician will come into the exam room to talk with you and review your medical history. The doctor will do a pelvic exam (similar to what is done during an annual gynecologic exam), and possibly an ultrasound. After examining you and talking to you about your medical history, the doctor will give you the opportunity to talk about what you want for this pregnancy and discuss your options with you. If you choose to have an abortion, the doctor will explain the procedure, your recovery, and any risks associated with the visit.  You are encouraged to ask questions at any time. Once all of your questions have been answered, you will sign forms that state that you understand the procedure and that you want to have the procedure done.  Depending on the type of abortion you are having, your procedure will either take place on that day or the doctors will prepare you for a surgical procedure the following day.  The doctor will also talk to you about contraception options and help you choose a method to start using after your abortion. Many types of contraception can be started immediately after your appointment.

If you choose to continue your pregnancy, your physician will talk with you about arranging prenatal (pregnancy) care with us or your primary ob-gyn.  If you are interested in talking to someone about adoption, our office can help you contact an adoption agency.

When your appointment in our office is over, your doctor and the medical staff will give you instructions based on the type of procedure you are having, as well as provide any prescriptions that you may need.  Before you leave, we’ll have you schedule a follow-up appointment with our office.

Telemedicine Appointment

We see patients from all islands for a variety of reasons through telemedicine visits. If you are scheduled for a telemedicine visit, you will receive forms to sign online through your email before the visit. You will also be emailed a link to a secure videoconference that you can access at your appointment time.

Once you are on the videoconference, you will meet with one or more members of our team of doctors. We will need to see a form of identification (like your driver’s license) to confirm who you are. Then we will talk with you about your medical history and address the reason for your visit.

If your visit is to discuss an abortion, we will then counsel you about your options for abortions. If you choose a medical abortion, we will explain to you the process of taking the medications, expected side effects, and the risks and benefits of medical abortion. You may need to come to the clinic for an additional visit, or you may need to come to pick up the medications. We will also talk to you about birth control options and can prescribe multiple types without requiring an in person visit.