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Insurance: Our office accepts insurance for abortion services.

FAQ’s about insurance:

How do I know if my plan covers abortion or if I have a co-pay?

  • Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. The customer service representative can tell you if you have coverage for abortion and if you have a copay or deductible.

Do you accept Kaiser?

  • Yes, we accept Kaiser with a referral.

Do you accept Quest/Alohacare?

  • Yes.

Does Quest/Alohacare cover abortion?

  • Yes, Quest and Alohacare will cover abortion in Hawaii.

I have a Federal health insurance (Tricare/Triwest, HMSA Federal, etc)

  • Because of a federal statute (called the Hyde Amendment), federal employees’ health plans are not allowed to cover abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, or if the woman’s life it as risk.

I want my services to be confidential. Will the sponsor or subscriber of my insurance know about my abortion?

  • Federal privacy laws require that healthcare providers and insurance companies strictly maintain the privacy of patient’s personal health information (PHI).
    • Your employer does not have the right to see your medical information, even if they pay for part of your insurance premiums.
    • Unless you give us permission, our offices will not disclose information about your services to anyone.
    • If you are a dependent on a plan of a spouse or parent, your insurance company may allow you to request confidential communication about your services. Contact your insurance company to inquire about those options.

      Self-Pay Prices

      If we cannot accept your insurance or you do not have insurance coverage for abortion, self-payment is an option. We accept cash or credit card payment for self-pay. Payment is due on the day of your office visit.

      • Price Estimates:
        • All prices are estimates. Your actual cost will be determined by the services provided.
        • Services must be paid for on the day of your visit.
        • We will give you an estimate of your costs when you schedule your appointment.
        • Medication abortion and in-office procedures prices: approximately $350-$1300*
      •  *Additional lab fees will apply.
      • Operating Room (OR) surgical procedure prices: $5000-$7000
        • Estimate includes office fee, OR fees, and anesthesia fees
        • Estimate does not include additional lab fees